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A memory for the senses...A multimedia show is a spectacle that can either be a part of an event or it can be the event itself. As its name implies, its purpose is to impress the audience by successfully combining many different mediums. Now days, that the audience is saturated from hi-tech productions in everyday life (commercials, etc...) it is even more difficult to realize a show that will leave spectators breathless... That\'s why we believe that a true memory for the senses is a show that combines many ...


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multimedia show

ELLAKTOR group has asked us (through AIA RELATE) to design and realize an event for the opening ceremony of their new building and the revealing of their new group name. The event had to be worthy of the size of ELLAKTOR group.
We covered the facade of the main building using 11m high flame-retardant satin fabric strips (3m wide each, 72m in total).
While visitors were entering the place, a powerfull color laser was projecting onto the satinĀ  surface some of the major works along with various welcome messages.
At the same time, lights placed at the bottom of the fabric were slowly changing color hues, giving ''life'' to the building.
And the name is....and the laser projects in a imposing way the new name, accompanied by a ''granduoso'' music theme. Powerfull searchlights create the ELLAKTOR triangle on the sky.
The red ribbon is cut and the satin strips covering the facade fall one-by-one, slowly revealingĀ  the building, while the robotic-lights shine on the revealed parts.
After the revealing is completed, the guests move to the interior of this magnificient building, where we have prepared a multimedia show for the course and the acheivements of ELLAKTOR.
Four color lasers and a video projector handle the task of showing off the trip that travels guests through a virtual course of works, from conception to completion.
A demanding and large scale event, whose success was also supported by the excellent co-operation of ELLAKTOR staff.

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