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A memory for the senses...A multimedia show is a spectacle that can either be a part of an event or it can be the event itself. As its name implies, its purpose is to impress the audience by successfully combining many different mediums. Now days, that the audience is saturated from hi-tech productions in everyday life (commercials, etc...) it is even more difficult to realize a show that will leave spectators breathless... That\'s why we believe that a true memory for the senses is a show that combines many ...


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multimedia show

LaserDesign designs, produces and realizes events, with a focus on multimedia productions for more than 14 years. LaserDesign has realized a multitude of productions in Greece and abroad, from simple billboard projections up to large scale full multimedia shows, proving its ability and quality in this field.

Multimedia Laser show EventA key to this success is the non-stop evolution in both software and hardware. The equipment, the software and the experience of our team is up to the highest standards and way beyond any other company in Greece. LaserDesign is not a rental company. It designs multimedia shows and has all necessary technicians and equipment in-house to realize it as a turn key project.

The main ingredient of each LaserDesign production is the originality of the concept. For each customer, a totally unique approach gives a totally different and unique result, always realized at the best possible quality.The mating of multimedia components is what makes those productions a true memory for the senses.We will be happy to invite you in our showroom where you can witness yourself the experience of a multimedia show and see why Laserdesign is the leader in Greece in multimedia show production.

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