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A memory for the senses...A multimedia show is a spectacle that can either be a part of an event or it can be the event itself. As its name implies, its purpose is to impress the audience by successfully combining many different mediums. Now days, that the audience is saturated from hi-tech productions in everyday life (commercials, etc...) it is even more difficult to realize a show that will leave spectators breathless... That\'s why we believe that a true memory for the senses is a show that combines many ...


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multimedia show

Our company was ordered to realize a multimedia show in Abu Dhabi for the 35years of the Arab Emirates' unιfication. The show was done in co-operation with the local company TechnoPro (for the scenery/staging) on behalf of the UAE ministry  of culture.

The scenario that we created brought to light the history of the emirates, the historic signature that united the emirates 35 years ago, and the quantum leaps that happened after that. The ''sensitive'' culture of the people and the show music that was written from a local composer, beeing a little different from the music that is usually used in such occasions made it a real challenge for us. Considering also that all the emirates' leaders were present, makes it easy to realize that the result shoud be perfect. The warm applause from all the attendants in the majestic Emirates Palace amphitheater and the positive comments of the Press justify our efforts.

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