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A memory for the senses...A multimedia show is a spectacle that can either be a part of an event or it can be the event itself. As its name implies, its purpose is to impress the audience by successfully combining many different mediums. Now days, that the audience is saturated from hi-tech productions in everyday life (commercials, etc...) it is even more difficult to realize a show that will leave spectators breathless... That\'s why we believe that a true memory for the senses is a show that combines many ...


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Panathinaikos 100 Years

For the celebration of its 100 years in Athletics, Panathinaikos team organized a magnificient event in the closed basketball stadium at the Olympic complex. Our company has been selected to perform laser beam shows and graphics projections onto the walls of the stadium. We used one 15W color laser (the highest power laser in Greece at this time) plus two 8W green color lasers for this purpose, ''flooding'' the place with effects and graphics and creating a really impressive atmoshere.

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